1. Instagram Stories: Link to Locations

One reason to tag the location of your Story is obviously to help your readers learn about the location of your story. However, tagging your location also creates additional visibility for your Story by helping  people searching on posts and stories in Instagram to land on your Story.

Super duper burger anyone?

2. Instagram Stories: Tag, Your It!

Using the text icon, tag your handle your profile name (e.g. @leelonitz) on your Instagram Story to create a direct link from your story to your profile page. Tagging your Instagram profile on your stories is a great (and free) way to  encourage more readers to visit your profile, especially if you feel your profile visits are low.

One thing to avoid: thinking of tagging your Instagram Stories with your profile name as “vain”. Remember — there is a LOT for audiences to digest in the Instagram feed and it can be very easy for even your own readers to miss your most recent Instagram post.  Also, you need not tag every single one of your stories with your profile name (which might make your stories start to feel spammy). Perhaps reserve putting your profile name for stories where you need more traffic to your Instagram profile (e.g. an upcoming event, a promo sale, etc.)

3. Add Hashtags to Instagram Stories

Similar to tagging location on your Instagram Story, adding relevant hashtags to your Story also makes it easy for people searching on posts and stories around your hashtag in Instagram to land on your Story. Adding a few hashtags can actually help your Story even appear more prominently in the Stories feed along the top of user profiles (namely if they are following your hashtag).

Hashtags to Instagram Stories

4. Link Stories to Instagram TV Videos

You can now link your Instagram Stories to videos you upload to Instagram TV (IGTV).  If you don’t have an IGTV channel yet, check out my easy to follow guide to set up your own IGTV channel in a jiffy!

Simply click the link icon at the top of your Story. Instagram will then present you the option to link to an existing video you’ve uploaded to IGTV

How to link your Instagram Story to IGTV

How to Create Your Own IGTV Channel

5. Swipe It Up

You may have seen the “Swipe Up” text or imagery feature at the bottom of various Instagram Stories, especially those by public figures, notable celebrities and global brands. The Swipe Up feature is easy to implement from the paper clip icon at the top of your Story interface and is a great way to drive readers to longer form content such as your website. The major caveat: this only works for verified accounts.

What’s Your Instagram Story?

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