Facebook will soon start would begin demoting posts from business and other public pages once again in favor of personal posts in the News Feed, according to a news announcement earlier this month. In short:

Facebook was built to bring people closer together and build relationships. One of the ways we do this is by connecting people to meaningful posts from their friends and family in News Feed.

The funny thing about this statement was I felt this exact same way — 10 years ago. I recall my first experience logging on to Facebook in the Spring of 2007 from a small, circular wooden table at a Starbucks cafe near a college campus in Fresno, CA. I remember how fun and neat it was to write something and share it with friends, poke friends and throw sheep and pillows at friends (how many of us remember that original feature?).

As Facebook grew in popularity and people, the marketers moved in (understandably) to size up and monetize the opportunities of mass crowds gathering in one place to exchange ideas and, at the same time, market information.

Fast forward to 2018, Facebook has become a behemoth shadow of its former self: a second digital home to not only millions of people around the world connecting with one another, but also a huge gateway to marketers and businesses trying to promote and sell products and services to people. Add in an inundation of news media posts, public pages, and silly surveys and it’s easy to see how the original personal element of Facebook has become buried over time.

Like all tools, Facebook has come to constantly evolve and grow…not unlike a growing child with unique traits, features, strengths and quirks along the way.

On January 11, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he would change the news feed once again to focus more on personal posts once again. (As if organic visibility wasn’t rough enough for business owners genuinely trying to connect with audiences!) Did you know on average less than 3% of Facebook posts get seen in the News Feed?

So what do this newest shift mean for your business post? What can you do to take back visibility yet again? The answers aren’t as difficult as you might think!

Join me for a special Facebook Live event on Friday, January 26, from 1PM to 2PM Pacific time (11AM HI time/4PM EST/9PM GMT) where we’ll discuss the newest change to the Facebook News Feed and 5 tips you can enact to immediately start regaining visibility for your business posts.

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