I love meeting and connecting with people including thought and industry leaders. Here’s a few snapshots!


Me with Chef Eric Pascual
Shaka-fie with Chef Eric Pascual at one of his Feastly events in SF on 6/15/17.
Me with Lanai Tabura, host of Cooking Hawaiian Style TV show
Shaka-fie with Lanai Tabura, host of “Cooking Hawaiian Style” TV show on LifeStyle Network, partner to Aloha Plate (Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race) at Feastly event in SF on 6/15/17.
Me with Leslie Sbrocco, host of "Check, Please! Bay Area"
Meeting the lovely Leslie Sbrocco, sommelier, author, and host of “Check, Please! Bay Area” TV show
Lee Lonitz with Yao Ming Family Wine cut-out
One day I hope to meet the legendary Yao Ming. Until then, this will have to do! (Taken at Yao Ming Family Wine, Napa, CA).


Lee Lonitz at Cafe X, San Francisco, CA
Meeting the CEO and Product Managers of Cafe X, San Francisco, CA.
Lee Lonitz with Phil Khoegan, host of "The Amazing Race"
What an awesome adventure to meet Phil Khoegan, host of “The Amazing Race” TV show at the Travel and Adventure Show in Santa Clara, 2/2/17.

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